Festival Committee The   festival   committee   consists   of   several   members   from   the   Ross   Rotary   and   the   Ross   Lions   clubs.   The   posts   and   emails of each committee member is as follows:
 Chairman -  
 Secretary -
 Treasurer -
Sponsorship -
We   meet   once   a   fortnight   during   the   6   months   leading   up   festival   weekend,   often   at   the   Ross-on-Wye   Conservative   Club   members   home   address.   Should   you   wish   to   contribute   to   event, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman. Volunteers Volunteers are always welcome, so if you are able to help please print a Volunteer Form and return your completed form to: Email  info@rossrotary.com  or  info@rossonwyelions.org.uk Post    Ross Rotary Club     Ross-on-Wye Lions Club   The Chase Hotel     Hillsborough House   Gloucester Road     The Avenue           Ross-on-Wye Ross-on-Wye           HR9 5LH HR9 5AW Thank you
Rossbeerfest - 5th & 6th May 2018
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